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These charming and quirky dragons with equally charming and quirky hoards are the work of Lauren Dawson. Drawing as Iguana Mouth there's two sets of uncommon dragon hoards.

Dracolich Commission by *Ahkahna on deviantART

Inked Dracolich Commission :E I like skeletons I have to say that this particular dragon was fun to do, drawing bones is just fun fun fun :} Dracolich Commission

Raysby beastofoblivion Digital Art / Drawings & Paintings / Fantasy©2014 beastofoblivion

Some dragon-related world building for a personal project that's been on-going for the last 16 years. These are sketches from last year. The Emperor Ray dragon (bottom) and its progenitor the Titan Ray (top). The Titan Ray, as sculpted by Zhelong XU:

Dragon by DahrenMohran

Dragon by DahrenMohran

Mad God by ~Skysealer on deviantART

Originally posted as a b/w reference sheet but I decided to color it! Lord Hydra ref sheet commission for *AshasCadence! Funny thing, I kept wanting to type "Lord Hood" instead of "Hydra". Halo on .

Yasko by Sheylu on deviantART

Overdue Commission for Shinkei-Shinto of their bumblebee-pied morph ball python naga, Yasko! Markings Note: This is colored after a bumblebee morph with pied markings, real bumblebee-pieds have all.

The only thing I can seem to draw when I’m rusty is dragons

love this artist's style / dragon artwork

Art by Iguanamouth

iguanamouth: “UNUSUAL HOARD commission for molly-ren - that centaur quilt is a Real Thing that exists somewhere ”