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i found my lisa frank stationary and stickers and was BEYOND excited. kids these days dont know what theyre missin.

Lisa Frank Dancing Dolphins Bookmark by CollectorsWarehouse

Lisa Frank Dancing Dolphins Bookmark by CollectorsWarehouse

Roach this is for you! I actually remember having this exact folder. One fad my mom actually let me participate in was Lisa Frank school supplies! Love it!

Who could forget Lisa Frank? Best coloring books ever. Lisa Frank everything lol

All your grade friends wanted this Lisa Frank Cheetah's colorful style!

I had this as a folder and i cried when my mom made me throw it away when it was to ratty to use

23 Reasons Why Lisa Frank Was A Genius

Reviewing The "Vintage" Lisa Frank Stickers Being Sold At Urban Outfitters

One person's account of rediscovering the Lisa Frank stickers of her youth as a grown-ass person.

Crystal Asteroids

Lisa Frank Sticker Sheet Pink Flamingo Tropical Toucan Palm Trees Vtg I had these!

Poor Lisa Frank.

Lisa Frank Stickers- this sundae sticker was my ALL TIME FAV and I hoarded it and would never ever trade it with friends!

Lisa Frank

creepylisafrank: creepylisafrank submission from squishystiff

Chaser Lollipop '97 Print

Seeing this just brought me back to elementary school. A part of me wants to go out and only buy Lisa Frank folders my college classes so all my classmates will light up like I did.