Andy Sixx to Biersack. Wow made me tear up seriously im so emotional now im crying no joke

Andy biersack - Black Veil Brides

Andy biersack - BVB never give up on the dreams that are most important to you. Not for any person, thing, or peer opinions. You control your life.

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Black Veil Brides posters: Black Veil Brides posters: Door format Black Veil Brides poster featuring the US rock band. Black Veil Brides are influenced by Kiss and glam metal in general and the members are Andrew "Andy Six" Dennis Biersack, Ashley Purdy,

I'm sorry Ashley, but I'm gunna have to!

XD Andy and Ashley I am a fangirl but ill hide you guys from other fangirls shhhhhh their coming lol

Omg Jake looks so different like that...

Omg Jake looks so different like that.<< and jinxx and then Ashley fucking Purdy is just like "What the fuck is maturing"