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Muffin arcobaleno

"Rainbow Cupcake Frosting" Could be done on rainbow cupcakes. This looks yummy as well as pretty. I'm not a big fan of sweets, and I have little to no fondness for chocolate cupcakes, but I totally want to eat that.

A cupcake on a cupcake!

Just make a chocolate cupcake and pipe on some buttercream frosting. Then take a Reese's peanut butter cup and put a little dab of icing in the middle. Set it on top the big cupcake and enjoy.

Cup Cakes

Cup Cakes

OMG **Someone please remember these on my bday nevermind the fact that I hate cake ;)

just another version of my hello kitty & friends cupcakes, this time with applepanda :) All the toppers are hand made with fondant

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rainbow cupcakes.  While these are pretty, the sheer amount of food coloring kinda turns me off.

that frosting looks like the colorful 'stuff' they had at the lost boys dinner in Hook sustenance