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The soul has been given its own ears to hear things that the mind does not understand - Rumi. But you can open those ears .


Love this aspect of United Methodist Christianity. It's okay to not know the answers. It's okay to ask questions. It's even okay to doubt. You don't have to check your thoughts at the door.

everyone should do this. no one is better then anyone. I wish people weren't so…

Always focus on being the best version of yourself, and on growing into a kinder more understanding individual

Lose the ego, part of the 8 limbs, most beneficial, yet hardest.

☆ “A man once told The Buddha, “I want happiness.” The Buddha replied, “First remove ‘I’ ~ that is ego. Then remove ‘want’ ~ that is desire. And now ~ all you’re left with is Happiness.

"Seek the wisdom that will untie your knot. Seek the path that demands your whole being." - Rumi.

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RUMI ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ seek the wisdom that will untie your knot - seek the path that demands your whole being ♥ ♥ ☆…❤~☮❤…

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Be an example

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Let the "Wind" Flow around you

When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills. - Chinese proverb - windmill for me please!


There are only four words that mean so much more than I love you, and those words are I'm here for you quote.If it is meant from the heart!