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klance, yaoi, voltronlegendarydefender

klance, yaoi, voltronlegendarydefender<<I don't ship it but it's too funny.

Lance Appreciation

Exactly so all o' y'all who keep making those langst things where the team is so unappreciative of him are WRONGI love ma boi Lance << god bless

He's trying so hard! I just... AGH

He's trying so hard! AGH <<< This is so freaking cute lol poor Keith, you goober

Lance and Keith. Sharks and hippos.

It's because a zippo is a lighter, like an actual lighter. Lance I hate you XD

Voltron: Legendary Defender

Lotor srsly sthap the paladins don't like you silly how were you expecting this to end well

Just your casual langst

LANCE YOU ARE NOT USELESS! with out you the team would have fallen apart long ago. in fact there wouldn't even BE a team with out you.

I love Klance ;3 ❤️ Rated PG for pretty gay.

I love Klance ❤️ Rated PG for pretty gay.<< Oh then my life is VG, for very gay

This was amazing even though I don't ship

This was amazing. The song by the the way is "The One That Got Away" By Katy Perry.

Voltron: Legendary Defender Keith is curious, Lance is overprotective and Coran is confused

My dad watched voltron and he literally asked me: "when is the weird alien mullet kid going to fuck the blue boy?

Lance | Prince Lotor

Lance + lotor - voltron // i dont know why but i really like this ship?~ help I'm a puddle right now