Norman Rockwell

Former honorable Boy Scouts of American from Pointing the Way – Oil on canvas 1960 -Muddy Colors: Norman Rockwell: American Originals

One of my favorite Rockwells. Spring Flowers by Norman Rockwell

A rare "still life," Norman Rockwell's Spring Flowers was originally a 1969 illustration for McCall’s. The artist was commissioned to paint a series of pictures of seasonal flowers, but he only completed the first.

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Look at those early war pup tents! "The Scoutmaster" Boy Scout Art Print by Norman Rockwell

'Soda Jerk' (1953) by Norman Rockwell.  Soda Fountains are a thing of the past...except for a few 'retro' specialty places.  Hang outs for 50's teens. (My daughter was a "soda jerk" for a while. We have a place here in Indiana where they make them the old fashioned way.)

"Soda Jerk" Saturday Evening Post Cover, August Giclee Print by Norman Rockwell vintage art ads

"Pipe" by Norman Rockwell, Style: Regionalism ・ Genre: genre painting

Norman Rockwell "Autumn Stroll" I have always enjoyed Norman Rockwell paintings of everyday things. I find this one particularly relatable because it includes so many of my interests: being outside, nature, guns, and dogs.