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whAt is this update ewew

polybius talking to da'len after she trips and eats shit on the sidewalk

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this pin cheesy as hell, but that's how I get when I think of him sooo.... ANYWAY!! another update that no one asked for: we're  taking a group quiz in math, and I was telling my dude that i wanted this one smart guy to be my partner but I thought he wanted to work alone and he was like "lead him on just for the quiz, I don't mind, grades come first" BITCH I WAS CHEESY AS HELL

Wyatt wants to be an astronomer so this is fucking literal to him, omg

|| roseredpearl

|| roseredpearl

True love means sharing your intimate, personal details: | 21 Pictures That Prove That True Love Isn't Dead

21 Pictures That Prove That True Love Isn't Dead