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Istanbul, Turkey - the most Incredible country Ive traveled too! Half in Europe, Half in Asia.

Prague, Czech Republic

Christmas Angels in Rockefeller Center Christmas Market, Old Town Square, Prague, Czech Republic Christmas In Rio De Janeiro, Brazil A T.

Hidden in the forest - Khmer heritage near Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Hidden in the forest, khmer heritage near Angkor Wat, Cambodia, Southeast Asia

Parque Güell, the most beautiful place in Barcelona

Parc Guell – Barcelona, Spain This park is filled with the wonderful architectural pieces from master architect Antonio Gaudi. The park is located in Barcelona, and it was built between 1900 and

Sultanahmet Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey. we sat for an hour just to take in then beauty!

Fort Pic….

A view from inside the Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey. Such an amazing place. Traveled to Turkey in

The Shrine of Hazrat Ali aka Blue Mosque in Mazār-e Sharīf, Afghanistan.

Some of the most beautiful architecture in the world. The colors are what catch my eye. The Shrine of Hazrat Ali aka Blue Mosque in Mazār-e Sharīf, Afghanistan