"Simply ‘Luja" by Julia Blank . Reminds me of Renzo Piano architecture

"Simply ‘Luja" by Julia Blank . Reminds me of Renzo Piano architecture Earth people clothes

chinese opera.    For more great pins go to @KaseyBelleFox


Model Alton Mash is "unmasked" as a Chinese opera singer without heavy makeup by photographer Bernard Yeoh for "Vogue.

Something different.

ok, maybe not what i'm wearing to the supermarket today, but lovely lines

velvetcyberpunk:  Cyberpunk fashion.

American Psycho Nailhead inspired by Statue of Liberty, by make-up artist Fercho. Photo by Martin Strauß.

Black and Silver 'Bernia' Beaded Evil Queen by livfreecreations, £230.00

Black and Silver 'Bernia' Beaded Evil Queen Crown Goth Couture

dark and lovely

Anisoptera Outfit from Imaginarium Apparel. Modeled by Elaine Ford, make up by June Long and photographed by Towzie Tyke from Model Mayhem.

Noa Raviv created textiles with distorted grid patterns stretched across the fabric, resulting in a playful visual illusion. In addition she used 3D printed elements to make bold and intricate shapes. The digitally inspired features are juxtaposed with silhouettes influenced by classical greek sculptures.

TrendWatch : 3D Printed Fashion Collection

the real and the virtual blend into one another in a digitally-aware collection from Israeli fashion designer Noa Raviv.

Huge Couture Gothic 'Black Corvidae' Feather by livfreecreations #raven queen

The 'Black Corvidae' crow and magpie wing headdress, Worn by Alivya Free, Photo by Dean @ Bellitudo Photography

Фотографии на стене сообщества | 3 207 фотографий

Masked - Fashion Editorial "Mistakes" Manuel Albarran Collection photography by Gustavo Lopez

The Predatory Pose | The Evil Queen | Pinterest

The Predatory Pose

Taken from 'The Predatory Pose.' The artist and designer is unknown. I love how modern and contemporary this unisex mask is. Unlike classic Victorian masks, this mask has chosen not to hide the eyes, but instead hide every other facial features.

Disney villain? For Halloween;-)                                                                                                                                                                                 More

21 Creepy and Cool Halloween Face Painting Ideas

Who needs Halloween as an excuse to dress up? This one reminds me of Maleficent . used Sugarpill Poison Plum, Midori and Tako eye shadows to transform herself into Maleficent. Check out that wicked nose contouring!