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82d ATRS McDonnell Douglas QF-4E-54-MC Phantom tearing it up! While not decked out in Vietnam era colors, I like the image a lot. Anyone who has been "in country" in the middle of the night and experienced the eerie howl of the Phantom's twin J79 engines will never forget the sound. I know I won't! Once in a while, I was forward  air control (FAC) for these beasts over III Corps.

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F-4 Phantom II

The Phantom II, I think one of the sexiest jets. An outstanding jet who’s first flight was in 1958 and still flown in Air Forces around the world with 5195 built.

A F-4B Phantom II of Marine fighter-bomber squadron VMFA-314 Black Knights over Vietnam, c. 1966. Agile and indestructible, the F4 is remembered by most of those who flew her as a solid machine inspiring confidence and respect. Modernized and refitted F4s still remain in service with numerous air forces around the world.

McDonnell Douglas Phantom II of Marine Fighter Bomber Squadron “Black Knights” over Vietnam (c.


Luftwaffe McDonnell Douglas Phantom IIIn under the “Peace Rhine” program, the Luftwaffe purchased the (a lightened and simplified version of the which was upgraded in the.

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US Air Force McDonnell-Douglas Phantom II, flown by US Air Force ace Col. Steve Ritchie during the Vietnam War (the only USAF ace of the conflict; note the 5 red stars denoting the 5 of the Vietnam People's Air Force he shot down)