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Santos Cage Doll Tutorial... a Wooden Cage Skirt. Via Daryle Cook, Woodstown Whimsies

by Daryle Cook, Woodstown Whimsies This Santos Cage Doll will be approximately 27 inches tall, with a well-worn, vintage appeal.

I adore Santos figurines - I keep up several year round and I want more!

I attached the wooden wings to the upper body   using metal hinges with screws (and "Gorilla Glue"... I love that stuff!)  The jointing of the shoulder is simply a wooden dowel.    The jointing at the elbow will be made with wire and drilled holes.  The hardwood arm forms will be covered with paper clay   and then painted. Hands will be added as well... Ugh!

I always find it amazing how a bit of paper clay and some wooden dowels can make a doll form. I decided against the "p.

santos tutorial #5 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

I attached the rope wood trim so that it was flush to the outer edge of the round craft plaque.