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Art by flyingrotten.

i totally dont care but This is Ilovemyjawn birthdae. Senpai is sick so I did this to cheer her up.

Cooking. I can seriously imagine that this is what happens when Sherlock cooks, though.

i have a feeling this is what will happen in home ec next year.

Sherlock Pt 3

sarah-the-artiste: “ “ “I don’t care how you did it, I want to know why.” I DON’T BELIEVE YOU JOHN WATSON ” Introducing Mary Morstan and the mornstauche I think Mrs. Hudson will be happy to have some.

Sherlock's Version of Appreciation by sherlulz.

If you know the artist please let me know so I can properly assign authorship.

I don't know if I should pin this onto Sherlock or Gravity Falls

i don't watch Sherlock but you know <<< You don't watch Sherlock? Well isn't your life sad. <<< I watch Gravity Falls AND Sherlock, and the sad thing is that they both went off the air.

Omg just like the rdj Sherlock film

Actually, I've always thought that in season 4 they would introduce Gladstone. Since John will probably find out about Redbeard, and get Sherlock a dog.