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Judge suspends former president's ministerial appointment in Brazil, @valor_economico said March 17.

The Kenyan army killed 21 al Shabaab militants in a town in southern Somalia after an ambush by the insurgents killed two soldiers, a military spokesman said, Reuters reported March

Abusing statistics in the name of global warming « JoNova

Very small trial appears to reverse Alzheimers symptoms

How to Follow the Republicans - NYTimes.com

How to Follow the Republicans

If the general election is in many ways a referendum on the party in power, the primaries are more complex.

Politics, Virtue, and the Intellect: When Rulers Fail to Rule Themselves - Crisis Magazine

In contemporary political systems, every citizen can vote no matter what his level of intelligence or relation to virtue. Some of the worst political systems have high turnouts on elections days. The worst rulers also want to be popular.

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Satellite analysis proves Russia FAKED report to frame Ukraine for downed airliner

Progressive Catholic Groups Giddy Over Pope’s Upcoming Global Warming Encyclical



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The case for fee deregulation: a lesson in real sustainability