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Black cat earrings

These special earrings are made of a new lightweight material that reflect all the beauty of the masterpieces you can see, as well as the originality of our creations. image taken from designs by Dario Somigli. Dimension length: cm in) x cm in ) width

витражная мозаика: 25 тыс изображений найдено в Яндекс.Картинках

Blue Cat - stained glass, millefiori, gold wire for whiskers, by Christine Brallier It would be cool to convert this into a quilt

DIY Felt Ogee Ornament Instruction - DIY Christmas #Ornament Craft Ideas For Kids

DIY Christmas Ornament Craft Ideas For Kids to Make


Декоративные подушки

Note to self: try overlapped boatneck (2 pieces w/o neckline curve) & patch waist cutouts to top edge of sleeve (needs very flowy fabric to work) or clip side cutouts only & fashion with closures (either to underside of sleeve or horizontally.- can also be done w/struts rather than overlap for warm weather & if you don't get much of that wear something under it the other 9 months :)  Stylish Blouse – DIY

Stylish Blouse - DIY

DIY Easy Blouse - FREE Sewing Pattern and Tutorial. This would be a great maternity top too. Just lower the tightened waist!

Star: Folded Fabric Pentagon Christmas Ornament step-by-step tutorial

Star: Folded Fabric Pentagon Christmas Ornament step-by-step tutorial. Maybe large ones for potholder gift.

Make Long Dangle Earrings with Pearls and Eyepins for Bridesmaids

By using simply pearl beads, eyepins, headpins and two jumpring, you can make beautiful dangle pearl earrings for bridesmaids at home! Easy and economical!