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A beautiful as well as large parasol, it is decidedly for mourning. This fact is evidenced by the hidden mourning crepe found in the middle layer between the taffeta and the densely ruched mousseline de soie

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Summer is here and since parasol’s a goth’s best friend, here are some beautiful works of art to brighten up your dash (All these photos and more info about these parasols can be found here.

Antique Black Chantilly Lace Mourning Parasol w/Carved Bone Handle

Amazing Century Black Chantilly Lace Parasol w/Ornate Carved Bone Handle with Roses/Leaves: Removed

1870, America  Parasol by Stern Brothers  Silk, wood, metal MET Museum

This parasol is an early product produced by Stern Brothers which was established in The placement of the ruffles is very coquettish and shows a French influence, which the company, among others, undoubtedly popularized in New York


Ivory Handled Folding Lace Parasol century) - the handle has floral carving with shield and fancy monogram, matching finial, black Chantilly lace over cream silk canopy.


Parasol Dupuy (French) Date: Culture: French Medium: silk, wood, metal, synthetic Dimensions: 34 in. cm) Credit Line: Br.

Parasol in three parts French ca 1900  Check all the amazing detail, many more at link

Parasol in three parts French ca 1900 Check all the amazing detail, many more…

Parasol ca. 1900-1910 via The Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Parasol ca. via The Costume Institute of The Metropolitan Museum of Art “Parasols such as this were an important part of the fashionable ensemble. Undoubtedly, this served as a feminine.