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Okay people need to understand one thing is that Ronnie is my hero he save me from giving up and he change that's what I look at him I don't give a crap about his past I love him now that's is what I love the most about him he saved my life and I hope to meet him and tell him this in person

Ronnie Radke- I don't care about anything he did in the past, people need to understand that's not who he is.

See, he even has a child, Willow, he has a child in which he has to care for, like I said before, He's an amazing person.....sometimes he's just misunderstood....

Freshly baked meme for you

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<3 This is so true....  :) <3

I love Black Veil Brides more than I can ever scream and I always BVBarmy forever

I want this!!!! All of it!(:

"Why Do Good Girls Like Bad Guys? I've Had This Question For A Real Long Time. Falling in reverse outfit maybe with jeans tho

Jacky Vincent & Ryan Seaman

Jacky Vincent & Ryan Seaman<<<<<yeah bitch if you could back the fuck up and get your whore hands off my man that'd be great