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Irving Penn Photographer Dora Maar, France 1948

Dora Maar, France, 1948 - by Irving Penn. Picasso gifted her with a beautiful mansion in Ménerbes. It opens its doors occasionally for visitors.

Max Ernst in his studio Huismes, France 1956

Max Ernst and Dorothea Tanning in Sedona, Arizona 1948 Max Ernst working, sans shirt, on his murals for the Corso Bar.

Picasso & lights  The weird thing is I had never seen this before, in the last week I have seen this twice, this is such a simple but complex technique

“In LIFE photographer Gjon Mili visited Picasso in Vallauris, France. He showed Pablo some photographs of ice skaters with tiny lights affixed to their skates jumping in the dark. Picasso was immediately inspired, these photos were the result.

Pablo Picasso - Spanish, active in France, 1881-1973 / Boy Holding a Blue Vase, 1905 - Oil on canvas, 25 5/8 x 11 1/8 in. The Hyde Collection

Pablo Picasso - Spanish, active in France, / Boy Holding a Blue Vase, 1905 - Oil on canvas, 25 x 11 in. The Hyde Collection

Irving Penn: Meat Carrier and Boner (A), London, 1950 Irving Penn

I love love this one - the layering, the hint of the C with the cravat, the off centre apron, the knife accessory. This is the strongest indication so far - mix this with a bit of circus and we've got it I think

jonasgrossmann:  irving penn… max ernst and dorothea tanning, new york, 1947 @ oracoolblog

Irving Penn ~ Max Ernst + Dorothea Tanning, 1947 - How Dramatic - what are the people who pose like this thinking I wonder?