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That one member (I can't see his face.) curling up amongst all the others knocked out on the ground.

I KEPT ON HEARING SHIT ABOUT NON-KOREAN ARMYS AND THEM MAKING BTS UNCOMFORTABLE. I guess this shows the claims are wrong. I am non-Korean and I love BTS just as much as a Korean fan. I love BTS and I don't want anyone telling me being an army is wrong because of my race.

Omo when I watched this press conference I felt so touched. My ultimate bias noticed our efforts! Keep on supporting our boys, international ARMYs! We are family! Our love for bts connects us to each other!

add this to the list of things i have picked up from bts

~ From '' Jimin & Suga & Jungkook (my lovers) [BTS] '' xMagic xNinjax 's board ~

No Jinnie :( You are perfect already! You sing well, play guitar n cares for the members!

I disagree. Without our pink princess BTS wouldn't be the same. You ahve an amazing voice and you care so much for ARMYs and your members💞 I love ypu very mich Jin

Hes beautiful with any hair, but this was my fav!

his black hair looked A. i loved the orange hair,too! whatever it's not the hair it's just his handsome face

#BTS1stDaesang and more to go!

~~~~~~SO proud of these boys, i couldn't be happier for them!