"Playful Red Fox in Winter" - Levi Mitchell Photography levimitchellphotos (on Etsy) beautiful creature! [Foxes are related to dogs, but belong to a different branch -- are Vulpine rather than canine.

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I see you!!

Red Fox Cub looks like its saying ''im a ninja''

A Walk on the Wild Side: A Collection of Wildlife Photography

A Walk on the Wild Side: A Collection of Wildlife Photography

Picture of the Day: 'One Happy Fox'. In this fantastic capture by Roeselien Raimond, we see a gorgeous fox in what appears to be a moment of bliss.

These lucky chickens have a stylish coop that includes under floor heating.

Close Encounter With A Curious Fox

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Fox | Vixen | Tod | Renard | лисица | Zorro | 狐 | Sionnach | Volpe | Fennec Fox|| Eeeeeh

Fennec Fox is a small nocturnal fox found in the Sahara of North Africa. Its most distinctive feature is its unusually large ears, which also serve to dissipate heat. The fennec is the smallest species of canid in the world.

Raccoon~ I have one big raccoon roaming around each night in my back yard and the neighbors. The other night, there was a stand off going on. My cat (Fufi), a nasty possum and a raccoon. I was so scared for Fufi.

~~Cheeky Raccoon by ~Missysmom~~ Looks like my beloved Bandit!


Not only is this a sweet picture but I am interested in shape the foxes body makes when its curled up like this. I could incorporate it somehow into my logo or mark.

Fierce tiger

FIERCE--inspiration for tattoo. A tiger tattoo that I would want to have on my index finger.

Fox sleeping in a  backyard

Sleepy Fox: I've always wanted a pet fox! Maybe my boyfriend Chris will let me get one :)fox.

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This fox looks like he is soaking up the morning sun. I look the same in the morning sun, Love it!

Winter Fox   ~by Matt Binstead

A red fox pinpoints field mice buried deep beneath the snow, using his sensitive hearing and the magnetic field of the North Pole