Green Tara

Green Tara (Khadiravani) is usually associated with protection from fear and the…


The peaceful, compassionate White Tara gently protects and brings long life and peace. The more dynamic goddess, Green Tara is the "Mother Earth", and a fierce goddess who overcomes obstacles, and saves us from physical and spiritual danger.


Insights and Reflections from Buddhist and other Spiritual Traditions

Kurukulla - Red Tara -  The Passionate Lotus Dakini originated from the country of Uddiyana.  She is said to have emanated from the Buddha Amitabha.  Among Amitabha’s three female emanations Kurukulla is the most important one.  According to the texts, Kurukulla is a sixteen year old maiden because sixteen is an auspicious number which signifies perfection.  She is red in color because of her magical function of enchantment and magnetism.

buddhabe: “ Kurukulla - Red Tara - The Passionate Lotus Dakini Red Tara (Kurukulla) the passionate lotus dakini, originated from the country of Uddiyana. She is said to have emanated from the Buddha.

A statue of Kali, the Dark Mother beloved in the Hindu pantheon, her name derives from both “time” and “death”. She is renowned both as a bringer of destructive forces of transformation, and as a compassionate and nurturing mother to the devotee. The shattering of illusions is her modus operandi.

“ “Durga becomes angry, her face becoming dark as ink. Suddenly the goddess Kali springs from her forehead.” Kali is Durga’s rage, fury, and bloodlust unleashed onto the battlefield. “She roars loudly.

The Story Of The Goddess Tara

The Story Of The Goddess Tara And How She Reminded Us Women Are Divine

Back then, (around 600 BC) it was not exactly common place to give women an equal standing with men. But the story of Tara and her compassion changed that.

EL MUNDO ES HIEROFANÍA PARA EL HAIKU (el haiku de lo sagrado) / ("toda hierofanía oculta una tragedia" Vicente Haya) / Hierofanía, del griego hieros (ἱερός) = sagrado y faneia (φαίνειν)= manifestar. Es el acto de manifestación de lo sagrado, conocido también entre los hinduistas y budistas con la palabra de la lengua sánscrita darśana.

"Most people are drowning in their delusional ignorance without knowing that their suffering was created by themselves." ~ Jakusho Kwong Roshi ॐ lis

"INTENTION is Powerful. Intention is the main crux of how the Universe Operates." Focus your Intention and Create.