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Weird funny shoes for women. You think ladies would not wear footwear like these? Then take a look at the different weird shoes some women enjoy wearing.

Conceptual 11 inch heel

'High Fashion' Or Fashion Designed Whilst High! Marla Marchant’s Amazingly Cool Printed Heels.

Blond Ambition. By Kobi Levi.

weird but cute! the Madonna shoe complete with mic and hair :P

Philip Garner high heel roller skate

my kind of Roller Skates - vintage roller skate - Heels - disco diva rockin rebel roller girl

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Fairy Shoes--fun and creative, but definitely wouldn't be comfortable for any other than fairies.

writhing wrap around shoes. looks crazy AWESOME!

91 Bizarre Shoes

Writhing Wraparound Shoes - Why are there foot plates on shoes? As Julian Hakes’ wraparound shoes—or the ‘Mojito’—suggest, there’s really n.

Seriously KILLER!!!   via the Steampunk page on Facebook!

Extreme stiletto heel and avant-garde shoes as objects of art, design and inspiration for a fashion photographer based in Bury St.

michel berandi shoes.  I see mote and more of these crazy toe shoes. Is there a hord of ballerinas out there going on dates walking in "street pointe"?

I understand it's a fetish, I just think it's ugly. And painful.-D [michel berandi shoes.