retaining walls - a Blade of Grass

Terraced Dover Haven - traditional - Landscape - Boston - a Blade of Grass

Now this could take some work but along an empty wall, hey why not? It would add some character and be a great conversation piece, ...along with most other pins on this board!

Climbing the walls on Pendrell Street between Bute and Jervis, Vancouver, BC.


Arch over gate doors. Using real wood doors for an entrance to the garden.

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Laura and George W. Bush's Serene Texas Retreat | Architectural Digest

Laura and George W. Bush’s Serene Retreat in Texas

Bluebonnets and Indian paintbrush flowers brighten the grounds of Prairie Chapel Ranch, Laura and George W. Bush’s residence in Crawford, Texas; architect David Heymann conceived the house

A fountain without water: Water used to spill from the conch shell on this cherub's shoulders, splashing into the giant clamshell beneath his feet.  But when Bill Anderson inherited the fountain and moved it to his home in Newport Beach, he and his wife, Dana, decided against the expense of added plumbing. Instead Dana planted a cascade.  The main spiller is white-flowered bacopa. The froth under the cherub's toes is campanula and Alpine strawberries.

31 Inspiring Garden Fountains

Waterless fountain - plant-beautiful design with the draping plants and Cherub Statue above

Aviary -- need to rebuild mine due to relentless honeybees (and why won't farmers offer to get them for free if there's such a shortage?). Dave would die if I asked for this.  LOL.  But it does launch some creative thought...hmmm...

Victorian style Volery - A large bird cage! Perfect for an elegant Chicken House with fancy chickens! OMG most gorgeous "bird house" I've ever laid eyes on! I have no birds but want it anyway!