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Triangular gear 1 - YouTube

An input pink gear, rotating around fixed axis, engages with blue gear of oval shape.

Diaphragm shutter 5b - YouTube

Turn orange disk of hexagon slot to open or close the aperture. The variable hexagon created by green blades rotates when expanded or contracted.

Folding bridge 3 - YouTube

It is an application of scissors mechanism. The bridge (for pedestrians) is stretched and contracted by two brown motors turning red bars. Black weights are .

Door 6 - YouTube

It is a mechanism consisting of two blue identical bars, two identical V-bars and two white/yellow symmetric bars. The yellow panel turns 180 deg.

Belt drive 5b - YouTube

Rotation transmission between two skew shafts with rope belt. By moving the yellow bar it is possible to adjust angle between the shafts (from 0 to 360 deg.

Geneva Mechanism. [Animated]

My 10 Favorite Mechanical Animations from Wikipedia

Steam Engine II Mechanism - SOLIDWORKS,STEP / IGES,Parasolid - 3D CAD model - GrabCAD

From "Kinematics of Machinery: Outlines of a Theory of Machines", by Franz Reuleaux, originally published in Steam Engine by Bea.