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Not surprising since the progressive liberal trash in our institutions help to pull off one of the biggest frauds in history against the American people by helping to install this Sunni usurper into our White House...~~Benghazi

Benghazi Obama will fry for these murders of four wonderful true real Patriots! He is soooooo evil, I just despise everything about this cruel deceitful despicable evil liar and satanic p.

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Too many dots connect. And let us not forget that Michelle Obama visited this Saudi National "student" in the hospital! And DID NOT visit the AMERICAN that got both his legs blown off! She's a real gem!

President Jefferson's solution to Islam.  I'll add to this pin that the Marines also wore thick wide leather bands around their neck to prevent being cut or beheaded when the Muslims swung their swords or machetes at the Marine in hand to hand combats on various occasions.

Thomas Jefferson deals with Muslims.and now President Obama is placing Muslims throughout our government while cutting military funding? NOTE: Obama said Islam much to do with the history and building of our nation.This is the history.

How do you refer to four heros as bumps in the road?  OBAMA needs to be wrapped in tape and laid in the road, I will make a sign for him "Speed Bump Ahead, Feel free to accelerate"!

It's amazing that these republican pigs are proud that they caused the death of an American ambassador by cutting security funding just to give it to corporations.

And when do you think the rest of the country will know??  When they run out of all the entitlements.  That's the day this nation will be under martial law.

Obama - liar an chief, What a let down this president has been. The US of A deserved so much more from this Man. I have never looked forward to the end of one of America's leaders in all my life than Obama. I know he hates America!

.George Soros...a dirty devil...fixes elections and wants to destroy American.  He can try but he will never win.

SCYTL is the name of the Spanish (muslim) company that counts our vote.

WARNING: SPECIFIC THREAT - (Exact link at end) Executive Order 13603 allows Executive, unilateral action to takeover control of EVERY resource and function in this country. Though this EO is an amendment to a previous one, it allows for this power even in times of PEACE, not just war. You owe it to yourself and loved ones to research this.

Executive Order 13603 - The American people are now officially conscripted slaves under this order that President Obama recently signed at any time that he chooses (under both emergency OR non-emergency situations)! THE POISON OBAMA PEN !

1/17/14 - Obama-- A History of Thugary

🙏#SutherlandSprings on

Obama met with IRS union Boss day before Tea Party Targeting Began

I loved Whitney, but our heroes who sacrificed deserve better than what they got!

Is he trying to goad us into rioting so he can call marshall law on us so that we will lose all of our freedoms?

#NeverForgetBenghazi #NeverHillary

She atrocious! But we are all blinded! Take off the blinders America, or suffer the consequences of their actions.

THIS IS ISLAM: As hordes of Muslim migrants attack police and civilians, hungary is forced to declare a state of emergency and call out the military in an attempt to staunch the invasion. Just wait till this starts happening in America with all the terrorists Obama is bringing in here. #MuslimMigrants

Hundreds Of Muslim Migrants Attack In Hungary While Shouting 'Allahu Ackbar!

The man who knew too much? The truth about the death of Hillary Clinton's close friend Vince Foster

The man who knew too much? The truth about the death of Hillary Clinton's close friend Vince Foster

5 Reasons Why Bill Clinton Wishes He Didn’t Marry Hillary-The Strange Death Of Vince Foster