Watch Maggie review this beautiful Vintage Blues Potholder Crochet Pattern! Design by: Maggie Weldon Skill Level: Intermediate Sizes: Bluebird #1 Potholder - about 7" wide, 5" tall Bluebird #2 Pothold

Vintage Blues Potholder Crochet Pattern

Maggie's Crochet · Vintage Blues Potholder Crochet Pattern/ like the upper left one & birds/ intermediate / CROCHET pattern

Vintage Fashion Potholder Crochet Patterns

Vintage Fashion Potholder Crochet Patterns

Dress Me Up Towel Toppers & Pot Holders Crochet Pattern Leaflet

Stitch 2 adorable towel toppers and matching pot holders using worsted-weight yarn. Pattern includes written instructions and Towel Topper assembly diagram. Prim and Proper sizes: towel x 5 pot diameter. Royal Elegance sizes: towel x pot diameter.

I have had many requests for this peacock pattern and now it is finally there! I am really excited. It was so much fun to document the process and I think because of my detailed pictures even BEGINNERS can make this lovely peacock coaster or applique.

Crochet Peacock Tail Feather Coaster or Applique pattern by Christa Veenstra

Watch Maggie review these beautiful Vintage Purple Potholder Crochet Patterns! Edited By: Maggie Weldon Skill Level: Intermediate Sizes: Lantern - About 5½" wide, 6" point to point. Pansy - About 7½"

Vintage Purple Potholder Crochet Patterns