In the last decades in Hollywood movies we have seen the destruction, thanks to aliens, natural disasters, meteors ... dozens of cities around the world. Steve McGhee gives us some still images of catastrophic situations. (Gallery of the Apocalypse)

Steve McGhee digital art Digital image by Steve McGhee. Now I’m trying to recall if there have been any real plane crashes involving a bridge…

One more airline disaster. This one occurred with TransAsia 3 minutes after takeoff.

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One more airline disaster. This one occurred with TransAsia 3 minutes after…

Air Canada 747 fuselage explosion on landing

Airline and Military Aircraft Mishap Crash and Accident Pictures and Images: scroll for lots of photos

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Mustang comes a cropper @ Reno Air Race - General Discussion

Plane crash

Being in a plane crash is an intensely terrifying experience, and is the main reason why most people won’t even step foot on these flying death traps.

How to Survive a Plane Crash | Survival Prepping Ideas, Survival Gear, Skills & Emergency Preparedness Tips - Survival Life Blog: #survivallife

What to Do During a Plane Crash

With Mother Nature constantly throwing a tantrum it is high time we should learn disaster survival skills. Keep reading and increase your survivability


The tractor driver and train engineer both escaped injury. The entire front of the tractor was ripped off - the tractor motor, lying on the ground, was still running.