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Secret Hiding Spots Even You'll Have A Hard Time Finding Again

Use a Cleaned out Sunscreen Bottle to Hide Your Valuables at the Beach! - 20 Genius Life Hacks Everyone Needs to Know Right Now

How to remove nail polish from carpet. Someday I am going to be glad I pinned this. I wish I had this 3 years ago. thank you pink nail polish on white carpet.

Using dry erase markers on the front of your deep-freeze to keep track of what's inside

Track your deep freezer items with a DRY ERASE marker. A magnetic strip with adhesive will keep track of the marker so you can change totals as you raid the freezer. I must do this for the garage freezer.

dry erase marker on washing machine as a reminder - why havent I thought of this!!

Keeping a Clean House When You Have Young Kids at Home

dry erase marker on washing machine as a reminder! I really don't think I'll do this but maybe put a dry erase board on the laundry room wall

How to hide the ugly wireless modem and chords, brilliant-Stealthy & Stylish Tech Disguises Roundup | Apartment Therapy

Stealthy & Stylish Tech Disguises

Stealthy & Stylish Tech Disguises - how to hide a wireless router (or anything) in decorative boxes.

23 easy organizing ideas for your entire life

23 easy organizing ideas for our entire life.This on - keep sheets together; Never lose a pillowcase again! Here's how: If the clean set isn't going directly onto a bed, fold and stash it in one of the pillowcases to keep everything together.

Re-purposed Bath & Body Works Stalkin & Co. candle containers.

Candle Jars as Nail Polish Display or probably could use this for different types of storage. Perfect, since I never know what to do with empty candle jars!

Wow! Use an iron to remove dents from hardwood!!! #universaltrim @Pfister Faucets

How to remove dents from wood, including hardwood floors. Excellent tip for the times when your child throws a toy or lets something fall and dents that perfect wood furniture you just bought or your very expensive hardwood floors.

Another pinner said- The most thorough Household Emergency folder/binder I have seen online, including printable forms to fill in for yourself.  I will post this now and look through it later. All of these fires have had me wanting to get things in order ICE. kiddos

Create an Important Documents Grab and Go binder

The most thorough "Household Emergency" folder/binder I have seen online, including printable forms to fill in for yourself. 72 Hour Kit Documents: makes building a personalized 72 hour kit do-able and affordable!

Turn A Crystal Light Container Into A Cheese Holder - Hackanator

What to Make Out of a Crystal Light Container? Cheese holder and 25 other things.I(Staci) buy Crystal light all the time and then throw away.I always have cheese and put in ziplocks,but this is way better.I better save them now.

Re-use salt pour spout with mason jars for yeast, sugar, spices, laundry detergent....genius!

Mason Jar with pouring spout. Just cut the top off an empty cardboard salt container, cut it to the size of a canning lid and use the canning ring to screw it in place. Note: The screw-on tops of parmesan jars will fit mason jars too.

such a good idea... why didn't I think of that???.

Dry erase marker on the washer for clothes that are inside that shouldn't be dried! ---- I had a very old washer and dryer and the writing with dry erase marker didn't erase!

Brilliant! Punch a hole in the corner of all those store and ID cards and pop a ring on them. Organized and easy to find! Via A Bowl Full of Lemons

Great idea - punch a hole in your club cards and put them all on a ring. The rest of this post is all about purse organizing! ( Most of my purses have that spare key ring Attached to the inside seam of the purse, what a great place to store these babies!