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#Berlin #WarschauerStraße #Sunrise #train #station #Easter2015

#Berlin #WarschauerStraße #Sunrise #train #station #Easter2015

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I love this persons facial reaction in this picture. It's like she's surprised or scared because they're about to get on the wrong train.

Trippy Digital Pavement at Berlin Train Station - My Modern Metropolis

Trippy Digital Pavement at Berlin Train Station

An interactive installation called "Onskebronn", at a central station in Berlin, Germany. Sound and movement are triggered by pedestrians as they step onto the platform. The installation is created by German Sven Beyer of the performing arts group "Phase

Heading out for an adventure

Photo (No More Despair)

Where is this woman going? Where is the train going? What is in her backpack? Do you like to travel?

If thee needs Anything and cannot Find it, Just come to me and I'll tell thee How to get along Without it.  ~Etta May, Quaker via ECUMENICUS

Moving train, sun shining onto a train station.all on a slow shutter speed. Beautiful (Passage of time idea)