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A 1944 Nazi propaganda poster titled "LIBERATORS", which perfectly epitomizes many perennially-recurring themes of anti-Americanism

Old Vintage Antique German Keytree (Schlüsselbaum);1800 - 1900´s  from City Velbert Nordrhein, Westfalen Germany ~ 58 old keys on the Keytree samples from the Castle & House Keys from City Velbert / eBay

German Castle & House Key samples, from City Velbert.otherwise known as key heaven

Don't Waste Food: Second World War Poster

How Relevant is Wartime Advice?

Wartime Food Poster: Better pot-luck with Churchill today, than humble pie under Hitler tomorrow.

Thursday Things: Honey Bee inspired stationary and fountain pens

Thursday Things: Honey Bee

What’s all the buzz about? Today’s Thursday Things: Honey Bee! Click the link in our bio to find this sweet collection of fountain pens, ink, and paper sure to make your writing golden.

Fabulous Art Deco interior of the Odeon cinema in Leicester Square, London. Built in 1937, it had 2116 seats, all covered in faux leopard skin.

art deco cinema interior (Odeon Leicester Square)- the art deco era coincided with the first talking movie. So, a lot of early cinemas have strong art deco features .

RIP the who died on to the Afghans and Iraqis and hundreds of thousands of Palestinians and Pakistanis who paid for it.