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Restless Herd by tuomaskoivurinne on DeviantArt

acrylics Scene from Judith River. Dromaeosaurus albertensis decides to take a short-cut through a herd of Lambeosaurus magnicristatus.

Predatory dinosaurs usually took advantage of any opportunity to feed. Not all attempts to hunt were successful, as seen in this failed attack; for the carnivore each failed attempt was a learning experience and wisdom eventually trumped speed and power for a solitary hunter,  pictureprehi by Sergey Krasovskiy, ~atrox1 on deviantART

Predatory dinosaurs usually took advantage of any opportunity to feed.

paleoillustration:    Phorusrhacos “Terror bird” by Antarctic Spring

paleoillustration: Phorusrhacos “Terror bird” by Antarctic Spring. The Phorusrhacids are one of my favorite extinct bird families.

Lower Cretaceous Beach by *VanOxymore

dweebasaurus: “fuckyeahdinoart: “Lower Cretaceous Beach by VanOxymore ” This is gorgeous.

einiosaurus_toy_design_by_chasmosaur.png (882×906)

Toy companies never make the genera I want to add to my unhealthily-large dinosaur collection, so I'm thinking of submitting this to patchtogether.

Triceratops Card by Herschel-Hoffmeyer

Triceratops Card by Herschel-Hoffmeyer : Classification Règne Animalia Classe Sauropsida Ordre † Ornithischia Sous-ordre † Marginocephalia Super-famille † Ceratopsia Famille † Ceratopsidae Sous-famille † Ceratopsinae Tribu † Triceratopsini


DANGER was growing, and as she grew, she needed more food. Kenna couldn't risk the t-rex eating to many nature-reserve animals or the authorities might notice. It was a sticky problem, one that would eventually turn fatal.

Stegosaurus: Late Jurassic, 155–150 Ma): Thyreophora: Discovered by Marsh, 1877: Artwork by Nytcrawler

Stegosaurus: Late Jurassic, Ma): Thyreophora: Discovered by Marsh, Artwork by Nytcrawler