Crista Zarafa (color) by on @DeviantArt

Crista Zarafa display of "normal" skin behavior by day while simultaneously showing what occurs at night. The bioluminescence of its body blends with the bioluminescence of it’s surroundings making it seamlessly blend into its environment.

Creature design by ~CxArtist on deviantART

Gona start posting regularly again.(been a while) Christopher Onciu - Freelance conceptual Design / Promotional artist Creature/Character designer. Gear: Cintiq Photoshop for services contact .

Galería de monstruos de Hellboy 2 | Invasores Espaciales

Image detail for -How do you concoct a batch of hellish creatures that exist only in a movie director’s wild imagination? Comic book artist/writer and Hellboy creator Mike Mignola .

These look cool

Wendigos by EdwardDelandreArt Veil Fall undead goat moose deer humanoid anthro zombie monster beast creature animal.

Metterix - creature design by on @DeviantArt

Another creature concept from 2013 creeping up on you. This is the Metterix Support new creatures like these into being through my Patreon p.

ConLaih Creature Concept - Poster by *Cloister on deviantART

Shali - Quadrupedal moth-like creatures created by Delech which eat gold and obsidian and have the ability to control light around them.

The Kikiot by TomEdwardsConcepts on DeviantArt | Sci-fi | Creatures || Bestiary

Killiot - a membraneous creature of the wastes of Yondo that seeks to pierce and drain the fluids from living creatures.