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The Entity (1981)

Horror in the Home! When horror is based off actual events! The horror movie The Enitity is the perfect example

New Trailer For 'Happy Death Day' Opening In Oct. 13th, Friday The 13th!

New Trailer For 'Happy Death Day' Opening On Oct. Friday The The new horror film from Blumhouse and Universal Pictures will haunt you

YENTL avec Barbra Streisand

Throughout the history of acting, cross-gender performances used to be a common thing. From ancient Greek chorus to Japanese theater kabuki, the performers

February (2016) about a girl watching over a possessed classmate during school break...

February, starring Emma Roberts and Kiernan Shipka, releases a trailer - Horror Movie News

SCARIEST MOVIE IN THE WORLD WILL BE RELEASED IN 2014  Strong Image Films (Las Vegas, NV, USA) is looking forward to producing the scariest stereoscopic 3D horror movie ever made including shocking ultra violence: "The Intruder 3D".

Scariest Movie in the World will be Released in 2014

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Castle Talk: Sarah Habel (Riverdale’s Mrs. Grundy) Goes Deep Under in SyFy’s Atomica

The new trailer for Atomica, gives hints to the terror that awaits us in space. The film stars Dominic Monaghan, Tom Sizemore,and Sarah Habel

30 Actors Who Are So Good At One Thing, It's All They Do | Cracked.com

If there was an Academy Award for 'Man, where have I seen this person before' these people would all have one.