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Inspiration for the last shot of the film in which Adrian presses his hand towards a woman, only to touch a transparent wall

Persona (1966)

Ingmar Bergman’s The Silence and Persona. The Silence is in part a prelude to later films, in which Bergman has shifted his focus from God to people, from theology to psychology.

Persona, Ingmar Bergman.

Liv Ullmann and Bibi Anderson, Persona - Is the cinema more important than life?

Black Coal Thin Ice (2014)

These feel like more 'murderous' shots idk why or if this is a plausible thing but the framing and lighting are at the very least cool af Black Coal Thin Ice

Sicario: You are not a wolf…and this is a land of wolves now. ---------------- man I love this film

mood of film, gritty but comedic. Sicario: You are not a wolf…and this is a land of wolves now.

아가씨 (The Handmaiden),2016 dir.Park Chan-wook

아가씨 (The dir.Park Chan-wook~ a movie abt Korean gothic lesbians who get revenge on those who wronged them. It made me cry

Wuthering Heights (Andrea Arnold, 2011) DoP: Robbie Ryan Sources: film-grab.com, bluray.com:

Wuthering Heights (Andrea Arnold, DoP: Robbie Ryan “He's more myself than I am.

Cenas do filme Drive. 10 filmes com personagens desajustados. O cinema disposto em todas as suas formas. Análises desde os clássicos até as novidades que permeiam a sétima arte. Críticas de filmes e matérias especiais todos os dias. #filme #filmes #clássico #cinema #ator #atriz

Top10: Dez Filmes Com Personagens Desajustados Que Você Precisa Assistir

painfully slow, unimaginative film blanketed by loud music and blood capsules.

Blade Runner (1982) | Painting with Lights Cinematography: Jordan Cronenweth

Blade Runner (1982) | Painting with Lights Cinematography: Jordan Cronenweth

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest    Upon arrival at a mental institution, a brash rebel rallies the patients together to take on the oppressive Nurse Ratched, a woman more a dictator than a nurse.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975)

READ--Ingmar Bergman - Cries and Whispers (1972) Cries and Whispers won for best Foreign film. It had many Academy Award nominations.  The late Roger Ebert gave it 5 stars. This is a great film. It is a deep film and may be difficult for some to watch. It is a landmark in film making. It is available on dvd on the Criterion Collection label.

Cries & Whispers (1972)

"Cries and Whispers", Ingmar Bergman, Director of Photogrphy:´Sven Nykvist, Ingmar Bergman's constant collaborator. The red in this film is AMAING.