Aiken House Gardens: Summer Garden Favorites I Love to garden, and I have this exact same plant.not as many blooms though, but still pretty!

A Place in the Country

Not enough people plant hollyhocks anymore. They are so lovely and easy to care for. my mom still does, she loves them dearly and so they remind me of her.I don't have any sunny places in my yard, or i'd grow them .

l love Hydrangeas! Or as my Grandmother calls them "Snowballs"  :)

Love the arched gate and the lavender and pink flowers! Mophead hydrangeas in bloom. Love the white gated trellis!

Je adore my petite garden all in pink and lilac.......

Stepheny Houghtlin says: A beautiful path through a bejeweled garden of pinks, purples, white. I love this color combination.

Queen Anne's lace is commonly found in dry fields and ditches.

How to Dry Queen Anne's Lace

1 Lb Queen Anne's Lace (Ammi majus) Bulk Wildflower Seeds From The Dirty Gardener