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Hera, the Peacock Queen

Surreal Portraits ~ This Is Terrific, But Does The Robe Come With The Peacock? ~by Helga Sable

Hera, a deusa do casamento.

Hera, the Greek sky goddess who is the heavenly Queen of the Gods. As the wife of Zeus, the long-suffering Hera is the patron goddess of all women, part.


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Zeus (Jupiter) - Greek God - King of the Gods and men. Zeus was the top god of the pantheon of the Olympians and the supreme god of the ancient Greeks.

Six main chibi goddesses by *Arbetta on deviantART Hera/Juno  Demeter/Ceres Athena/Minerva Persephone/Proserpina Aphrodite/Venus Artemis/Diana

Six main chibi goddesses by ~Arbetta on deviantART Hera, Aphrodite, Persephone, Demeter, Artemis and Athena<---I think Aphrodite should have gotten more respect in the drawing

MYth Character: Poseidon by zeldacw.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

from my newest MYth character prints set. will be available for purchase at AX artist alley this july~^__^ in sizes MYth Character: Poseidon

Owwwwn :3 Amei

My Greek Goddess 'dolls.' I love Greek mythology, it's my favorite mythology. :U And yes, I know Medusa isn't a goddess but I just had to include her.


UN PEU DE TOUT. Idea: Try a zentangle peacock feather or a mixed media pencil sketch with pastels