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Exactly what's the whole deal with Alex from fucken target what about Harry from the bakery


I can't stop laughing Luke Hemmings "Must Not Blink" "It's cause he want me lol" 5 Seconds Of Summer

I love how Niall said "Don't mess with One Direction fans, they'll kill you." Lol!!! He understands us!!!

picture: picture: omgggg, lololol picture: XD picture: Yayyyyy one: look at first pic's comment ;) sorry for da swearing. :/ Niall-at-Greg's-wedding picture: AWWWWWWWWWWWW

I WANT TO BE IN THIS MAN'S CLASS (and lets not look over the fact his tweet is "Salad in the wind")

The best teacher ever! what about Louis? "Salad in the wind" ? Ah, nevermind

Half of me thinks that people should stop making these.  But the other half finds them hilarious.

If u don't like them dressed as girls that just shows that u only like them for their looks. I've seen pics of my bands dressed as girls and I'm fine with it if they did look that way.