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Darwin and The Missing Link by Court Jones

Charles Robert Darwin FRS (1809-1882)

Charles Robert Darwin FRS was an English naturalist. He established that all species of life have descended over time

Charles Darwin

Author/naturalist, Charles Darwin, best known for his theory of evolution, was born on Feb.


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Cuando Darwin propuso la teoría de la evolución causó gran controversia

Darwin ,Tullio Pericoli, italian painter and drawer

Darwin's friend Thomas Henry Huxley. He became one of the most outspoken advocates of Darwin's theory of evolution.

Thomas Henry Huxley - friend of Darwin and advocate of Darwin's Theory of Evolution

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Charles Darwin II portrait- illustration print in multiple sizes

Charles Darwin

20 Caricaturas engraçadas de personagens famosos

Sigmund Freud’s biographer, Ernest Jones, was mistaken in calling his subject “the Darwin of the mind.” Darwin himself was the Darwin of the mind; Freud was his great popularizer.

Evolution means the gradual development of something from a simple to a more complex form.

Darwin cigarette card (collect 'em all!

Charles Darwin by John Collier, NPG.

David Blackwell - Great Moments in History: 1881 - Charles Robert Darwin Discovers the Truth about the Origin of Species