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Mom and dad's hands are both holding baby. And baby could be wearing mom and dad's wedding rings

oh my goodness! The hair! I had to pin this bc I've seen newborns with a ton of hair, but never blonde! It doesn't even look like newborn soft hair. This is full on grown up blonde hair!

Adorable moment captured!

Love the different poses, especially the bookworm pose and the one with the reflection in the sunglasses. Very creative take on newborn poses! Tap the link now to find the hottest products for your baby!

Little moments mean most! As a photographer, I often forget to go beyond portraits and special occasions in my own life and to stop and capture this life I love living!

perfect images to be framed with one of your favourite verses or poems and it will great gift or unique memento. Those sad eyes make it hard to leave this cutie!

This would be an awesome pic for Noah and Emma to do when lil miss makes her grand entrance:-)

D and baby - example of negative space. Play around with leaving whole parts of your photo empty. Changes everything.