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While dazzle, in some lighting conditions or at close ranges, might actually…

Dazzle camouflage (yes, that’s where Razzle Dazzle comes from) was used in American and British Navies during World War I and World War II. Dazzle ships we.

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Artist Norman Wilkinson developed a beautifully abstract form of camouflage to protect ships from German U-boats in fighting war with Art.

Visual Telling of Stories - Concealment, Camouflage, Dazzle Painting, Edward Wadsworth

L Campbell Taylor painting of ship with dazzle camouflage

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HMS Argus in habour in painted in dazzle camouflage, with a Renown class battlecruiser in the distance “ HMS Argus was a British aircraft carrier that served in the Royal Navy from.

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In the making: The Dazzle Clutch Collection

Dazzle camouflage was a sort of ship camouflage used extensively during the Great War. Credited to artist Norman Wilkinson, dazzle camouflage used bold shapes and colour contrasts to confuse rather than conceal ships from German U-boats.

Its purpose was confusion rather than concealment. - but does it float

Dazzle camouflage, also known as razzle dazzle or dazzle painting, was a military camouflage paint scheme used on ships, extensively duringWorld War I and to a lesser extent in World War II.