Modern Dark Wood Shelves - Sleek drawers below the stairs make a statement and  offer room to display favorite items

Luxury Condo Renovation Downtown Vancouver - contemporary - staircase - vancouver - Kerr Construction and Design

When it comes to shelving, floating shelving displays have become a popular  choice seen throughout modern interiors, emphasising clean lines and a  minimalist aesthetic. Inspired by their hidden brackets and suspended form,  we've compiled our favourite 40 floating shelving designs and how they  compliment contemporary spaces.

40 Floating Shelves for Every Room!

An innovative wall shelving system: the Eos design combines, in only 8 mm, a lacquered glass top with a lacquered aluminium frame, blending aesthetic variety and maximum reliability.

15 лестниц с системами хранения – Вдохновение

How to use the space under your stairs. "West Loop Aerie by Scrafano Architects. I’m not sure which came first, the storage spaces or the staircases.

imagine grabbing a book off of one of the shelves (along with your favorite beverage) and settling down on this balcony with its spectacular vistas!!!

Love the book shelf idea. Great idea for a room divider to be able to still see through to the view rooms on either side, yet get a sense of separation between the rooms.

Как сделать шкаф под лестницей своими руками. Информационный строительный сайт |

There are more innovative design for smart under stairs storage solutions that can help you to create space saving furniture tricks and idea.

Montreal home updated with new cladding and vibrant staircase

Montreal home updated with new cladding and vibrant staircase

La SHED Architecture // Maison de Gaspé in Montreal ; The stairs are partically hidden behind a slatted ash screen that supports steel bookshelves. painted bright orange Photo by: Maxime Brouillet

Under-stair storage - traditional - entry - toronto - Lipa - Wood & Stone Work

Cabinets: Traditional Closet With The Storage Compartments Under Stairs Large Coat Rack Middle Section With 3 Drawers And Small Shoe Drawer Eft Side Of The Built In Is Capped With A Bookcase, storage space, Storage Compartments