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Dribbble - Black Cat Lounge by Jacob Weaver Clever Examples of Negative Space Logos)

#wordmark This is a cool wordmark design. I like it because the designer made the space at the bottom of the "w" into a water drop that goes right along with the name.

This a cool word design logo as the designer used negative space beneath the "W" to form a water drop which is the brand name. It is a very clever logo.

Voici probablement le plus beau style de logo que l’on retrouve de plus en plus de nos jours. Ce type ...

32 logos “Negative space“

Piano Bar

This is a really cool logo because it looks like wine glasses, but if you look at the negative space, it also looks like piano keys. It works perfect for the company "Piano Bar".

this logo is extremely minimalist but gets the point across very well. The I in time is transformed into the shape of an analog clock. because the logo is a simple black of white, it gives the onlooker a very simple futuristic feel.

This is a very interesting logotype because it is very simple but clever and unique. I like how the letter "I" appears to be a clock ticking. Also I like how the text is simple and delicate.

Owl-eight by brandosaur


This is a really cool visual image through its use of negative and positive space. I like how the number is used in the image to create the face of the owl. The number appears to make the owl looking on its side. letter/number into image

Neg Fox by George Bokhua - Best Superb Logo Design for 2014. If you like UX, design, or design thinking, check out theuxblog.com

Neg Fox by George Bokhua (Tbilisi). Fox logo makes effective use of negative space. The orange color suits the fox well. The fox tail adds a nice touch as well as identifying it