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Homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte via Portuguese Girl Cooks

Homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte

Homemade pumpkin spice latte with agave instead of sugar. I found it better to add quite a bit more pumpkin and spices with the same amount of agave and water.


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Yep, I'm a barista.  It's my after retirement job.  I love coffee, the taste and smell of coffee and the cozy atmosphere of a cute little coffee shop.

She would take her kids to coffee shops and buy them special drinks. Ellis drinks black coffee, but occasionally he has a latte when he's thinking about his mother.

Iced Chai Latte ... Oh my goodness... yummy!!!

Perfect Iced Coffee

Starbucks Secret Menu: Liquid Cocaine - This drink is a turbo charged ice coffee served in a grande cup. The four shots of espresso pack a serious punch. Thankfully, four pumps of white chocolate syrup help make this drink go down smooth.

Hummingbird High: Bubble Iced Coffee

Hummingbird High's quick and easy recipe for bubble iced coffee using Stumptown's bottled cold brew (including gifs!

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ultimate Iced Coffee Prepare with coffee ice cubes Strong Black Coffee Sweetened Condensed Milk.maybe half and half instead of sweetened condensed milk

Chemex coffee maker...I know who is going to love-it! *coff- @Max Strandlund Strandlund Strandlund Strandlund Strandlund Strandlund Nikolaus -coff*

Chemex coffee maker~Wow My mother had one of these 40 years ago.Made such a delish cup of coffee.

can't wait for cold press season  -  Coffee / Oh, Pioneer!

Pour the flavoring syrup into the cup first. To complete the drink, pour in espresso or coffee, then the ice, and top it off with cold milk.

Another cup of coffee/another espresso/another morning

*My Favourite Coffee is an Espresso Macchiato" ~ The term “macchiato” means to “mark” or “stained” in Italian. An espresso shot is “marked” with a little steamed milk on top to cut the acidity of the espresso.


It's great to wake up to coffee. Whether you drink it black or with cream, it's the most beautiful thing to see first thing in the morning.