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Pauline Nordin, founder of the Fighter Diet, answers your burning questions about six-pack abs, building big traps, and cheat meals. Watch her new video column!

I don't think this was meant to be a funny... but the bottom looks like a year book photo of my high school boy's wrestling team with tits. Ick.

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Workouts don’t have to be the same old routine. Taking a walk is great way to burn calories, but you may feel like you’re not really getting a workout just by taking a walk.

7 Moves for a Better Walking Workout

Workouts don’t have to be the same old routine. 30 minutes of either Endurance walk = 246 calories, Interval training = 250 calories, Speed walking 281 calories.

Seriously, this is exactly how I feel, going to pin this on my bathroom mirror to remind me about not finding the excess jiggle ever again!

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