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Embrace this moment... spiral quote tattoo

Idea for our spiral tat! RHCP Asterisk and Lyrics to the Tool song Parabola "Embrace this moment…Remember…we are eternal…all this pain is an illusion." tattoos on the wrist and arm

Parabola Tattoo Design by SurrealWraith.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

A tattoo design I plan on getting on my right bicep. It is a qoute from the song Parabola by Tool.


Script tattoo by Robert Egbert at STTN, Wallingford. "So let us sleep outside tonight. Lay down in our mother's arms. For here we can rest safely"--One Sweet World, DMB

Cool-as-shit tattoo!

If you are a tattoo lover so, here we have collected most creative and cool tattoo designs for your inspiration. You can get ideas from this collection.

Beautiful arm quote tattoo. Deep and meaningful, "In this life, I am infinite." Lovely.

Finding The Tattoo Quotes Ideas for Young Ladies: Beautiful Deep Meaning Arm Quote Tattoo ~ Cvcaz Tattoo Art Ideas ~ Tattoo Ideas Inspiration

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I refuse to sink tattoo. Cute phrase.

These tattoos drive me crazy! Why would you put refuse to sink with an anchor? An anchor is designed to sink. It makes no senses

"The Missing Piece" Shel Silverstein tattoo. it reads "I can be someone's, and still be my own." This man has some of the most incredible messages in his books and  he's my absolute favorite.

I got this tattoo at Heroic Ink in Ames, Iowa. It’s from the book The Missing Piece by Shel Silverstein. I love everything about this tattoo, and think the message is fantastic. //I love Shel Silverstein!