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See the World Through Pattern and Colour, embroidery pattern by della

Hand embroidery doesn't need to be intimidating.This fabulous, colourful crewel work is inspiring to get started on some of your own!

Inspired By...Mexican Flower Embroidery Patterns - Cozy•Stylish•Chic

Inspired By...Mexican Flower Embroidery Patterns

Today is the first “Inspired By” post of many more to come, and today I am writing about Mexican flower embroidery patterns.

Abstrakte Mischtechnik Kunst Malerei verneigte sich von MAUSART

Abstract Mixed Media Art Painting Bowed Panels Variety by MAUSART. these are wrapped canvas but what about etc for backyard art totems.


woodsmoke and coffee

Embroidery by Nancy Nicholson (UK). Article by Derya Erkan - Textile Design and Designer`s Platform

faces in the dark - Jude Hill Spirit Cloth

’faces in the dark’ - Jude Hill Spirit Cloth Jude Hill writes, “stitching a story because it seems I might be able to communicate something through cloth making.” Please visit Spirit Cloth.


I have a hard time just "sitting" and like to do SOMETHING when I am; I love the idea of "mini projects" that can eventually be made into something extraordinary, as well as practical. This is one of those ideas: embroidered quilt textile fabric art

fiber art by Karen Cattoire  (LHDumas of Flickr)

Mixed media fibre art by Karen Cattoire - wonderful colors and textures

London & Wales

This is what one of my favorite fiber artists, Nat Palaskas , does with her eco-dyed pieces.