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Yama - the Hindu God of Death In Hinduism, Yama (Sanskrit: यम) or Yamarāja (यमराज) is the god of death, belonging to an early stratum of Vedic mythology. In Sanskrit, his name can be interpreted to mean “twin”.[1] In the Zend-Avesta he is called “Yima”.[2] According to the Vishnu Purana, Yama is the son of the sungod Surya[3] and of Sanjna, the daughter of Visvakarman, sometimes called “Usha”. He is the brother of the currentManu Vaivasvatha and of his older sister Yami, ...

In Buddhism, Yama (Sanskrit: यम) is a dharmapala (wrathful god) said to judge the dead and preside over the Narakas ("Hells" or "Purgatories") and the cycle of rebirth.

Lord Yama - the god of death, also the god of justice/righteousness and is sometimes referred to as Dharma, in reference to his unswerving dedication to maintaining order & adherence to harmony. It is said that he is also one of the wisest of the devas. He's the birth father of Yudhistira.

Yama holding a Danda India [Source] The Outer Yama Dharmaraja Tibet [Source] Yama Mongolia [Source] Yama India [Source] Here’s one last Vedic god.

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This page provides the list of Navagraha. Navagraha is a group of nine Hindu Gods in Vedic astrology.

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