Accessori per il bagno – IKEA

IKEA - DRAGAN, bathroom set, , Helps you organise cotton wool and hair clips.Bamboo is a hardwearing natural material.

ÄPPLARÖ   Banktruhe  49,00Produktmaße  Breite: 31 1/2 "  Tiefe: 16 1/8 "  Höhe: 17 3/8 "      Breite: 80 cm  Tiefe: 41 cm  Höhe: 44 cm

ÄPPLARÖ Banktruhe/draußen, braun las. braun

IKEA ÄPPLARÖ Storage bench, outdoor Brown stained cm Besides storing away your gardening tools and plant pots, this storage bench also works as an .

Espelhos para casa de banho

IKEA - FULLEN, Mirror cabinet, , You can move the shelf and adjust the spacing according to your personal needs.The mirror comes with safety film on the back, which reduces the risk of injury if the glass is broken.

DRAGAN Acess. p/casa banho, conj.2 IKEA Ajuda a organizar algodão e molas de cabelo. O bambu é um material natural e resistente.

DRAGAN Acess. p/casa banho, conj.2, bambu

DRAGAN bathroom dish set IKEA Helps you to organize cotton balls, hair clips, etc. Bamboo is a durable, natural material.

SMÄCKER Tabuleiro p/talheres  - IKEA

SMÄCKER Tabuleiro p/talheres, cinz

IKEA - PYSSLINGAR, Caixa, , É dobrável por isso poupa espaço quando não está a ser utilizado.Encaixa na perfeição nas gavetas STUVA; utilize para organizar meias, roupa interior e pequenos objectos.As decorações relebram o artesanato tradicional. - 8.99€

IKEA - PYSSLINGAR, Box, , Can be folded to save space when not in use.Fits perfectly in STUVA drawers. Use to organize socks, underwear and all small things.The decorations bring to mind traditional handicrafts of times gone by.

SOCKERBIT Caixa c/tampa - 38x25x15 cm - IKEA

SOCKERBIT Caixa c/tampa, branco

IKEA - SOCKERBIT, Box with lid, Practical for storing everything, from seasonal items and hobby items to small tools.The built-in locking function keeps the lid in place which protects your things from dirt and dust.You can easily stack boxes of diff

HYFS Caixa p/sapatos - IKEA, 6,99€

IKEA - HYFS, Shoe box, The box opens in the front so it’s always easy to reach your shoes, even if you stack several shoe boxes on top of one another.

HYFS Caixa, conj. 3 IKEA

IKEA - HYFS, Box, set of Helps you keep socks, belts and jewelry organized in your wardrobe and drawers.Customize your own storage solution by combining different boxes from the HYFS series.