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plastic jewelry- Bracelets and necklaces made from recycled CDs

can you believe this is made from recycled CDs, cut then bake in foil lined pan

Save My Oceans Bracelet by macaroniandglitter, via Flickr

Steven James (macaroni and glitter) says:I used plastic two-liter bottles to produce tubular beads that were strung into bracelets and necklaces. My slogan for my upcycled jewelry projects: Cover yourself in plastic, not the ocean.


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Recycled plastic bottles necklace in plastics jewelry accessories  with Plastic Necklace Jewelry

Recycled Plastic Bottles Necklace

25 09 2012 06 50 30 Recycled plastic bottles necklace in plastics accessories with Plastic Necklace Jewelry or how about a garland with lights for back yard patio

Recycled Compact disc | cd,inks,powers | florence Belliard | Flickr

recycled CD earrings by Florence Belliard/ need to heat cd's in warm water before cutting them /color and glaze them. Aqui si que se ven bien los sandwiches.

Amazing mosaic box reusing old CD's. Another good idea is to reuse old CD's into a mosaic bracelet. (YouTube channel link in bio for instructions on how to do this.)

TEXTURES/CONCEPT: Amazing mosaic box reusing old CD's.I love jewelry boxes, CD's and making old things into new creations.

cool Recycled Jewelry

Recycled Jewelry

Add a tassel and charms to make these DIY Lotus Tassel bracelets

Some Jewelry Is Very Affordable If You Know Where To Shop


elaborate necklaces, earrings & bracelets with old CD’s and DVD’s. Technique of glass fusing, but for this, you’ll need a common kitchen oven and you only need to bake them for few minutes.