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His arms were thin, his hands slim and fingers long. They looks like arms of pianist.

Sparrow has beautiful hands. Slender wrists, and small haands, but with long, thin fingers

the witch of duva

Model: Costume Designer: Agnieszka Osipa Autumn dies… Her body and spirit wither like fallen leaves. Her trembling hands keep the vial filled with blood drops of birds leaving these lands.

“Maybe you don’t see it at first with all the beauty and bloom, the little speck of rot. But if you look closer—there it is.”  — Donna Tartt, from “The Goldfinch,”

elliot prince// he can never control the urges. one minute he's hungover in a strangers bed - the next he's outside smoking till his lungs burn out. but that's the thing with elliot, he endures the pain because that is what he's become accustomed to.

Brielle x August

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"Your hands intrigue me." Halloween froze, fiery gaze snapping upwards from her crouch on the floor. No human being has veins like that.